Design & Manufacturing - TIG Welding, SolidWorks

Final project for ME203 Design & Manufacturing

Biking between the art building and my dorm became difficult as I was working on larger projects. I would either elect to walk and carry my supplies and work or bike precariously with winds and sudden stops posing as considerable threats to my safety. This was the need where I designed a product to help me transport these different projects with what I had available, my bicycle. The trailArt is a bicycle attachment fitting to a standard back rack behind the rider. Pins allow for the trailArt to be installed securely and taken off quickly for specific use when desired. A hinge transforms the trailArt for two main uses, horizontal in a flatbed position for large 3D sculptures of many sizes and shapes due to accessible lash points for bungee cords, and folded vertical to transport large canvases and drawing pads.

Rapid Prototyping Design - Laser Cutting, AutoCAD LT, Fusion 360

Independent Study with John Edmark

Flat-pack design is advantageous for shipping purposes, where cost is associated more with volume than weight. Beyond this economical application, exploring folding forms is surprising and unexpected in design, adding a factor of magical reveal. These form studies explore the transformation between dimensions through beautifully simple, wood constructions. Working on these expanded my design thinking, and forced me to learn quick if I wanted to start to try to explore the possibilities and limitations of flat forms.

Design & Manufacturing - CNC, Solidworks

Final Project for Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Fly fishing nets have supported a long tradition of form and use. Only in recent years have people began to push the boundaries of this tool seeped in meticulous craft. Companies have slightly modified the shape of the net, and have begun exploring new materials to make nets lighter and stronger. I was interested in creating my own unique net that would comfortably sit between the rich tradition of angling and the new age of purposeful design. This net, named after a famous fly called the Shop Vac which became notorious for landing fish, helps to net more fish by decreasing the area the net occupies when not in use to encourage bringing out the net on a trip.