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In hastily constructed facilities, immigrant families are detained and separated in barbaric acts of policing by the US. Families are forced to sleep on concrete floors, trapped by chain link fencing. This chair explores the loss of childhood innocence, focusing attention to the issue of these detention centers set up by ICE.

    Children's Clothing, Stuffed Animals, Galvanized Steel, Concrete. 17in x 21in x 40in.

From Settled Names

From Settled Names
The process of making ceramics for containing goods has been around in human history for thousands of years. An integral part of society, many civilizations have relied on this technology. At archaeological sites, we are still finding the remnants of these early ceramics works. The firing and heating process that the clay undergoes forever transforms it from a mud-like material to one that does not degrade, storing information of a time forever. New materials have been discovered and invented for containment: metals, rubbers, plastics. Only one of these materials is unnatural, yet boasts a similar longevity and immortality as fired ceramics: plastics. A controversial material that requires mining the land and expending large amounts of energy and resources for refinement, plastics will be found on Earth right next to ceramics, marks of current life. From Settled Names is a project that explores the similarities of the plastic forming of ceramics and plastics, and matches their longevity by placing the two in conversation with each other in the same sculpture. When these pieces are found thousands of years later, will they remain intact? How will they compare with the materials used in the future? What stories do they record in their immortal forms?
    Stoneware, PETG. 6in x 6in x 10in

Beginnings of Emails Sent March 1-14, 2020


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Similar to everyone else on campus, these past few days have been exhausting, both mentally and emotionally.

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