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Southwest Majesty [Undergraduate Art Exhibition, Stanford Art Gallery, 2019]
Humans and nature often cross physical boundaries arbitrarily established to demarcate the two. Southwest Majesty is an exploration into the conversation and interaction of humans and the environment in the desert of the southwestern United States. Created in Taos, NM, the ceramic sculptures are born from the clay of the natural earth in New Mexico. The three cones, resembling traffic cones, play on the idea of human influence, and as a boundary marker for caution. Through the photographs of the sculptures around the Southwest, the cones transform between the different sides being explored in relation to each other. They mimic the landscape through their coloring and monolithic form as they stand to protect elements unique to the desert landscape. In the transformation from natural brown and reds to construction orange and white, the cones then highlight the human hand in changing the desert through roadwork development or urban expansion projects. The cones are bipartisan and hold no lingering position of what is right and wrong in this interaction between humans and the environment.
    Luster prints 16in x 22in, ceramics.


Don't Look to Mars

trailArt [Meet The Makers, The, 2018]
Biking between the art building and my dorm became difficult as I was working on larger projects. I would either elect to walk and carry my supplies and work or bike precariously with winds and sudden stops posing as considerable threats to my safety. This was the need where I designed a product to help me transport these different projects with what I had available, my bicycle. The trailArt is a bicycle attachment fitting to a standard back rack behind the rider. Pins allow for the trailArt to be installed securely and taken off quickly for specific use when desired. A hinge transforms the trailArt for two main uses, horizontal in a flatbed position for large 3D sculptures of many sizes and shapes due to accessible lash points for bungee cords, and folded vertical to transport large canvases and drawing pads.

    Steel tubing, TIG welding, 20in x 10in x 28in.

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