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In My Mentals
Grappling with the various states our minds can take on, from bad to good, this print series finds a journey of self recognition and acceptance.
    Oil-Based Ink Linocut Prints 8in x 10in & 16in x 22in.


The Life of the Cross
This series uses the object of the cross I wear around my neck to explore my relationship with faith. Showing tough moments and ones that are beautiful, through photographs I wanted to reveal the internal struggle I felt the past few years, which I believe is all a part of natural growth.
    Luster Photo Prints 16in x 22in.


Album Series 2017
Midterm project for digital photography, I used only mechanical camera effects to make the photos, staying away from editing software for the recreation of album covers.
    Luster Photo Prints 16in x 22in.


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